About us – Jungheinrich Online Shop

Jungheinrich online shop is a modern designed online store specialising in the sale of pallet forklift trucks and other products for intralogistics. It is intended for companies, sole proprietors and other legal entities that can quickly and easily select, configure and order products perfectly fitting their requirements through the online platform.

Permanent online portfolio includes selected manual and electric pallet trucks from the Jungheinrich product range, pallet trucks and other products from our traditional brand Ameise®. Detailed descriptions and technical data, supported by images and video content, allow you to select a product that perfectly meets the specific needs, purposes and areas of application.

The online store provides an up-to-date overview of products, prices and availability, automatic ordering and, for registered users, also a chronological overview of past purchases.

The online store is operated by Jungheinrich, d. o. o., a subsidiary of the German concern Jungheinrich AG.

Spare parts and aftersales are ensured by Jungheinrich d. o. o.

About us – Jungheinrich, d. o. o.

The beginnings in the Slovenian market go back to year 1980 when Jungheinrich AG signed a contract with company SMELT. The latter, in cooperation with company Monter, between the years 1981 and 1990 produced more than 350 electric and manual forklifts, which were sold in the markets of the former Yugoslavia.

Immediately after Slovenia gained independence in 1991, company SMELT International took over the Jungheinrich agency in Slovenia. On May 1, 1997, Jungheinrich AG, following its proven pattern, established a subsidiary - Jungheinrich, d. o. o.

We offer the entire production program of our parent company. There are over 600 different trucks to choose from.

In our sales portfolio we also have a wide range of refurbished used forklift trucks.

As an alternative to purchase, we offer a short-term or long-term rental of various types of forklifts. Similar as sales, the rental business is organised according to the standards of our parent company. The great advantage is the connection to the Jungheinrich European rental fleet network with over 23,000 trucks, from which we can source, if necessary, forklifts that may not be available in our own fleet.

We complete our offer with the programs that are closely related to warehouse problematic. Indispensable elements of a modern logistics center are racking systems (pallet racking, modular racking system, live storage, push-back, drive-in/drive-through racking, mobile racking), vertical carousel for small materials and heavy industry, automatic guided forklifts, conveyor belts, vertical lift systems, roller conveyors, warehouse management software, etc.

One of our competitive advantages is comprehensive warehouse planning. We are aware that the storage of materials and products is crucial for optimisation of the operations of any manufacturing or logistics company. Caring for an optimal flow of goods is one of the main tasks; Careful planning and organisation of the warehouse are the basis for success. With its experience and holistic approach Jungheinrich is a valuable partner already in the design phase of your new storage capacities. Throughout the process - from idea to implementation - consulting is client-tailored and goal-oriented - to optimise operations for even greater success. 

Aftersales is the backbone of our business model and is often the most important link in the entire chain. Short response times and fast delivery of spare parts are key factors in preventing potential downtime, therefore we treat it with special attention. With a service network of over 30 service technicians throughout Slovenia, with special service vehicles and express overnight delivery of original spare parts  we are an ideal partner even when things go wrong.

In addition to on-call service, we also offer periodic maintenance and periodic inspections in accordance with applicable legislation by issuing relevant documents. All of the above in one package, for a monthly flat rate, can be offered to you within the so-called full service. 

You can read more about our offer at www.jungheinrich.si.

About us – Jungheinrich AG

Jungheinrich AG is a German manufacturer of forklifts and other material handling equipment and a provider of solutions for all areas of internal logistics.

The beginnings of the company date back to 1908, when Hermann Jungheinrich founded H. Jungheinrich & Co.. In 1953 his eldest son, Friedrich Jungheinrich, in Hamburg established H. Jungheinrich and Co. Maschinenfabrik in Hamburrg.

Today we are among the world's leading intralogistics companies. Jungheinrich AG is one of the world's three largest providers in the material handling, warehousing and material flow equipment sectors and is ranked in second place in Europe, third in the world.

In 2019, more than 18.000 employees helped us to achieve global revenue of over 4 billion €. With direct sales units we are present in 40 countries and in around 80 other countries through partner companies. 

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Our portfolio includes not only the forklifts, which are delivered as new, rented or used forklifts, but also includes services such as design, development and implementation of complex storage systems and automation solutions as well as the corresponding financial services.

You can see the quality of Jungheinrich also after your purchase.: there are 5.300 mobile after-sales service technicians available for your on-site assistance – there is one of them averaging no more than 15 km away from your company location..

The state-of-the-art spare parts center in Kaltenkirchen, north of Hamburg, provides 24/7 delivery of spare parts 365 days a year.

Everything we do is focused on optimising the process flows of our customers, raising warehouse productivity, enhancing safety, lowering operating costs and environmental impact.

We combine unique technical know-how with sound industry knowledge and more than 60 years of experience. We are a reliable partner who can provide you with creative, flexible and targeted support for your company's material and merchandise flows. A partner who provides long-term customer relationships based on four promises:

  • With Jungheinrich it works.
  • Everything from one source.
  • Always by your side.
  • Innovations that pay off.

Our goal is long-term cooperation with our customers and partners and a leading role in the field of intralogistics in the European market.

You can read more about Jungheinrich at www.jungheinrich.com.