The online shop (hereinafter referred to as " Jungheinrich online store") is intended for business users (B2B) - companies, sole proprietorships and other legal entities. Shopping in Jungheinrich online store is not possible for natural persons - consumers (ZVPot).

The Jungheinrich online store is operated by Jungheinrich, d. o. o., Korenova cesta 11, SI-1241 Kamnik, company registration number: 1191527, tax number: SI 91758548, which is also an e-commerce service provider (hereinafter also "seller" and / or "provider").

General terms and conditions of use for Jungheinrich online store are prepared in accordance with the Code of Obligations (OZ), Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) and determine the operation of the Jungheinrich online store and regulate the business between the Jungheinrich online store and the user / buyer.

The buyer is bound by the General terms and conditions of use in force at the time of purchase. At the time of placing the order, the buyer is each time reminded of the General terms and conditions of use. By submitting an order the buyer confirms his/her familiarity with and agreement with them. Different conditions apply only if they are confirmed in writing or otherwise specified in the mutual agreement.

Types of users

A user of Jungheinrich online store can be either a registered or unregistered user. The user can access the online store without prior registration. To make a purchase, however, the registration is required.

The user of Jungheinrich online store can register through the My Account link. By registering each user obtains a username, which is the same as his/her e-mail address, and password with which he/she identifies himself/herself as a representative of the company or organization.

The password is confidential and known only to the user. The user is obliged to provide credible information and to protect the password in a way that only he/she or a person authorized to act on his/her behalf will operate with it. 

A user account provides the user a personalized and secure access, a quick and easy ordering process, the ability to create separate billing and shipping address, provides an overview through the purchase history and offers the option to create wish lists.

Registration process

User (natural person on behalf of a legal entity) in the registration process:

  • Enters an email address
  • Ticks the box to accept the Data Privacy 
  • Selects the "Create Account" button
  • Selects title (Mr. / Mrs.)
  • Enters personal first and last name 
  • Enters company name
  • Enters company tax number
  • Enters company address & postal code 
  • Enters the phone number
  • Sets a password and confirms it by entering it again
  • Ticks the box to agree to the Data privacy
  • Checks the check box if decides to subscribe to the newsletter
  • Selects the "Create Account" button

If the registered user wishes to change the email address with another one, he/she sends a request at: The change of email address will be accommodated on the same day or latest the next working day. The user will be notified via email accordingly.

The user can withdraw his registration from the Jungheinrich online store by submitting a request at: The request for withdrawal of registration has to be sent from the email address with which the user account was created. We will delete the user's personal information and notify the user accordingly no later than in seven (7) days from the receipt of the request.


All prices in the Jungheinrich online shop are in Euros (€). The prices displayed on products are exclusive statutory value added tax (VAT). Unless otherwise stated, prices are for one piece.

Prices of products displayed in the Jungheinrich online shop are understood ex-customer in Slovenia, except in cases where it is explicitly written otherwise.

Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predefined validity. Jungheinrich, d. o. o. reserves the right to change the prices without advance notice.

In the event that the price information is incorrect, or if the price changes during order processing, the seller will inform the buyer and allow him/her to withdraw from the purchase. At the same time, the seller will put best efforts to find a suitable solution that will be of mutual satisfaction.

The discounts and vouchers are not cumulative.

Special offers, sales and promotions are valid until the stock lasts or until the specified expiration date.

Order execution process

The purchase begins with the selection of the products and quantity so that the buyer adds them to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to cart" button.

Once a product(s) has been added to the cart, the buyer can either continue shopping by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button or begin the three step checkout process by clicking the "Proceed to checkout" button.

The first step provides an overview of selected products and allows the change of quantity or removal from the cart.

The contents of the shopping cart can be checked by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the right corner at the top of each page.

After having the products selected and provided that the buyer agrees with the content of the shopping cart, the buyer chooses the delivery method and proceeds to checkout with a click to "Proceed to checkout" button.

The second step is skipped for the registered and logged in user. Registered but not logged in user completes the login, whereas unregistered user performs the registration.

In the final step, the buyer reviews accuracy of billing and delivery address, checks order details, the delivery method selected and enters voucher code. The latter can be entered by the registered and logged in user already in the first step.

If billing and/or shipping address information is incorrect, the buyer can edit it by clicking the "Edit" button.

In the third step, it is still possible to change the quantity of products or have them removed. Preferred shipping method can also still be changed.

If a buyer wishes to add a comment or leave a message there is "Comments" section available.

To place an order, the buyer has to confirm an agreement to the terms of Data Privacy and the General terms and conditions of use. By clicking the "Send order" button, the buyer confirms and executes the order. Afterwards the order can no longer be modified.

In case of Payment in Advance, the buyer receives an email confirming receipt of the order with a summary of the purchase and all the necessary payment information (hereinafter referred to as "online offer" and/or "proforma invoice").

Having the payment received to the bank account of Jungheinrich, d. o. o., or in case of Payment by Invoice, the buyer receives an email confirming the order. From that moment on, all conditions are fixed and apply to the seller as well as to the buyer.

In case of Payment in advance the online offer is non-binding for the buyer until the purchase price is paid. The buyer can withdraw from the order by cancelling the order and/or not paying the profoma invoice. Fourteen (14) days after order placement online offer becomes invalid and non-binding for the seller, even if the buyer pays the proforma invoice after the expiry date.

In the case of payment by invoice, after receiving the confirmation of the order from the seller, the cancellation of the placed order is possible only with the written consent of the seller.

Jungheinrich, d.o.o. reserves the right to reject an order if the product is no longer available, the prices are incorrect, or if the price changes during the processing of an order. In such case, the buyer will be informed as soon as possible. In case of doubt, verification of information or assurance of delivery, the seller may contact the buyer at the telephone number or email address provided in the user account "My Account".

Voucher code

Voucher Code provides benefits exclusively for the purchase in the Jungheinrich online store. The voucher can be tied to a specific product or to the entire purchase (depending on the type of voucher) and may be limited in time. The code can only be redeemed once and cannot be exchanged for cash. The codes are mutually exclusive with other special offers and sales. Exception is Newsletter voucher, which applies also for products in special offer or sales and can be used together with another voucher, with the discount being charged at a reduced price.

Discounts are deducted from the final purchase amount.

Payment options

Payment in Advance

Advance payment as per online offer / proforma invoice:

After placing the order in the Jungheinrich online store, the buyer receives an acknowledgment of order receipt via e-mail and all the necessary information for payment.

After receiving the payment to the bank account of Jungheinrich, d. o. o., the buyer receives an email confirmation of the order with the estimated delivery times for the ordered products.

Payment by Invoice

Deferred payment / currency payment:

Payment by Invoice is possible by agreement or in case of specific contractual arrangements. After placing an order in the Jungheinrich online store, the customer will first receive via e-mail an acknowledgment of receipt of the order, followed by an order confirmation. 

In the event of late payment, Jungheinrich d. o. o. reserves the right to charge the buyer the statutory default interest due by the buyer within eight (8) days of the date of issue.

The seller issues the itemized invoice to the buyer on a durable medium. The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the information on the invoice and to notify the seller of any errors within eight (8) days of receipt. Later objections to the invoices issued are not taken into account.

The seller provides the possibility of issuing and sending electronic invoices in eSlog and PDF format. The electronic invoice, together with all attachments, is distributed and delivered reliably and in a controlled manner via the bizBox system. If the buyer wishes to receive the invoice in electronic form, he / she records this in the “Comments” field when placing the order. If the customer has not yet submitted to Jungheinrich, d. o. o. his consent to receive invoices in electronic form, the buyer shall fill in the “Consent to receive eInvoices” form and submit it signed and stamped to:

Wish Lists

While browsing, the user can add products of interest and/or products which intends to buy in the future to his/her default wishlist. In this way the user will not need to search for products again and will be able to share his/her wishlist with others using assigned permalink. 

The user adds the product to his/her default wish list by selecting the "Add to wishlist" button on the product page.

The user can edit his/her wishlist in the section "My Account" - "My Wishlists". Quick access is available via pin icon in the upper right corner of each page.

The user can create additional wishlists by selecting the "Create new wishlist" option and name them as wishes. The products can be moved between wishlists via "Move" button.

Retention of Title

All Jungheinrich online shop products are delivered under retention of title and remain the property of Jungheinrich, d. o. o. until full payment of the purchase price.

The goods under the retention of title may not be pledged or transferred by way of security. If the goods under reservation of title are seized by third parties or in the event of any other interventions by third parties, the buyer is obliged to point out the ownership of the seller and to notify the seller immediately.

Until the acquisition of ownership, the buyer bears the full risk of the goods supplied, especially the risk of loss, theft or damage to the product.

Lead time / Delivery

Products with the status "In stock (JH-SI local warehouse)" are normally available / delivered  within two (2) to five (5) days after order confirmation from the seller; Products with the status "In stock (JH-DE central warehouse)" within one (1) to a maximum three (3) weeks after seller's order confirmation. Lead times are a non-binding indicative information.

Delivery times start on the date of receipt of payment respectively on the date of the order confirmation from the seller. In case the seller cannot deliver the ordered product for unforeseen reasons within the promised time, the seller shall inform the buyer of the new delivery time by phone or e-mail.

a) Personal pick-up (FREE OF CHARGE) - EXW, Incoterms 2020

All products ordered in the Jungheinrich online shop can be picked up personally by the buyer at headquarter of  Jungheinrich, d. o. o.:

Jungheinrich, d.o.o.
Korenova cesta 11
1241 Kamnik

Delivery days are working days (Monday - Friday) between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM and must be agreed in advance.

b) Delivery to the requested location (FREE OF CHARGE) - DPU, Incoterms 2020

The seller delivers the purchased goods to any location in Slovenia. The seller does not deliver abroad.

Delivery is carried out in cooperation with external contractors.

Delivery is made to the door of buyer's property.


Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer must check that the shipment is intact. The buyer shall notify the seller in writing of the obvious defects as soon as the shipment is received, and of any hidden defects within one (1) week after the discovery.

Should the shipment be damaged during the transport, the buyer must, in accordance with the requirements of the insurance company , obtain carrier's written confirmation at the time of take over.

In case of hidden damage during transportation, the buyer must notify the seller within three (3) days after receiving the shipment.

The buyer submits complaint to / notifies the seller by:


The product supplier guarantees the quality of the product and its faultless operation within the warranty period if the product is used in accordance with its purpose and accompanying instructions.

The warranty period for the supplied products is twelve (12) months from the date of delivery of the product to the buyer.

The warranty is valid in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia only.

A buyer has the right to "warranty claims" only if the equipment is regularly maintained according to the Jungheinrich, d. o. o. maintenance program. During the warranty period Jungheinrich, d. o. o. will, through its own service network, eliminate any defects arising from poor quality equipment.

If the Jungheinrich does not repair the product within forty-five (45) days, it will be replaced at the buyer's request by a new one. The forty-five (45) day period begins to run when the product is accepted for service at the headquarter of Jungheinrich, d.o.o. at Korenova cesta 11, SI-1241 Kamnik.

Service, maintenance and replacement parts are guaranteed for at least three (3) years from the purchase of the product.

Field of use

The buyer, respectively user, is responsible to use the product according to its intended purpose.

Actual error

Defects are factual:

  1. if the product lacks the properties required for its normal use or traffic;
  2. if the thing does not have the properties required for the specific purpose for which the consumer is purchasing, but the seller was aware or should have been known to be;
  3. if the product lacks the attributes and virtues which were expressly or tacitly agreed or prescribed;
  4. If the seller delivers a thing that does not match the sample or model, unless the sample or model was shown only for informative purposes.

Form for claiming factual defects can be downloaded here.

The buyer may claim his rights from a factual defect if he informs the seller immediately after the  defect is discovered, otherwise he loses the right to it.

The seller is not liable for defects which appear after the six (6) months since the product was delivered.

The buyer who timely and correctly informed the sell of the error has the right to: 

  • require the seller to remedy a defect in goods or to extradite him another product without error (the fulfilment of the contract);
  • require a reduction of purchase price; 
  • withdraw from the contract. 

Shipping costs are always borne by the sender. Shipments with ransom will not be accepted.

The buyer can only withdraw from the contract if he has previously given the seller a reasonable extra time to fulfil the contract.

The right to claim factual defects is precisely regulated by Slovenian Obligation Code

Product return

The seller allows the return of delivered products only within the warranty conditions and in case of product defects or actual errors.


To receive news and notifications about Jungheinrich current offer, the user can subscribe to the Jungheinrich Newsletter:

  • By entering his/her name and e-mail address in the Newsletter subscription footer on the shop web page. The user submits the application by clicking the "Subscribe" button.

          * After submission, the user receives a verification e-mail to confirm opt-in trough the link sent (double opt-in).

  • In the user registration process by selecting the Newsletter subscription checkbox at the bottom of the registration form.

Both, natural and legal persons can subscribe to our Newsletter.

By subscribing to the Newsletter, the user allows Jungheinrich, d. o. o. to use his/her e-mail address to send product information and offers, and confirms that he/she agrees with our Data Privacy.

The user can unsubscribe at any time:

In appreciation for subscribing to our Newsletter, the user receives a one-time voucher for a 5% discount on the entire purchase in our online shop. The voucher for subscribing to the Newsletter is issued only once – with the first Newsletter subscription and applies also for the products on sale. If another voucher is used together with the Newsletter voucher, the discount is calculated on a reduced price.

The user, who subscribes via Newsletter subscription form in the footer of the shop website, once confirms opt-in*, receives an e-mail with a voucher code. The user, who subscribes to the Newsletter in scope of user registration process, can find corresponding voucher code in section “VOUCHERS” of his/her user account ("My Account"). The user cashes-in the voucher by entering the voucher code in the dedicated field when placing the online order.

Legal Notice

This legal notice applies to anyone who visits our online store (hereinafter referred to as "user"), so we recommend that you read it carefully.

For the purpose of this Legal Notice, the online store is a term that covers all web sites at


The online store and all content (texts, images, graphics, videos and other documents) displayed on the website is protected by the intellectual property rights of Jungheinrich, d. o. o. or legal entities whose content is included in our online store.

The user may use the content, download and print information and materials for non-commercial purposes. Any other copying, distribution, reposting, modification of information and materials published on, sending them by mail or distributing them in any other way without prior written permission is prohibited.

Limitation of Liability

Jungheinrich, d. o. o. will strive for accuracy, promptness and completeness of the information on the pages of the online store, but does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for its accuracy, promptness and completeness.

All users of the online store use the published content at their own risk.

Neither the company Jungheinrich, d. o. o. nor any other legal or natural person who has been involved in the creation and design of the online store, or is still participating in upgrades, in no event is liable for any damages, be it indirect, direct, special or accidental, that may for whatever reason resulting from the use of the online store or inability to use it.

Company Jungheinrich, d. o. o. is also not be liable for any damages (including those caused by viruses) of computer equipment, mobile phones or any other application, with which the web pages of the online store can be accessed, for purpose of visiting the web pages or any use thereof.

Jungheinrich, d. o. o. is not responsible for the form and content of the third-party web pages that are in any way linked to the online store When visiting and using these linked web pages, Jungheinrich's liability is excluded in all cases.

Jungheinrich, d. o. o. may at any time, without advance notice, change the pages of the online store and assumes no liability whatsoever for the consequences of these changes.

About legal notice

This legal notice may be modified by Jungheinrich, d. o. o. at any time and shall be binding on the users in any modified form.

By using this site, the user confirms that he/she accepts and agrees to specified terms.

Use of the sites of the online store in violation of the above rules is prohibited. The user, who uses the web pages in a manner contrary to the above rules, is fully liable and indemnified.

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