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A Hand Pallet Truck, also called Pump Truck, Manual Pump Truck, Hand Truck, Pallet Jack or Pallet Pump, is the simplest way to move goods on Pallets. Pallet trucks are the cornerstone of warehouses, factories, workshops and trade stores around the world.

Hand pallet trucks are simple to operate and are as versatile as they are practical, helping workers easily move pallets and other heavy goods. Ideal for covering short distances or for use in buildings with limited, narrow and weight sensitive areas, e.g. for loading and unloading trucks

They are available with different capacities and in multiple design variations. Generally, the length and width of the forks on a manual hand pallet truck are determined based on the size / type of the pallets that will be used with the truck, whereas the material and type of the wheels and rollers mainly depend on the floor and other operating environment conditions (e.g. high humidity, the presence of oils, acids or chemicals).

The lifting mechanism of a manual pallet truck is used to raise and lower the forks and can be operated manually using a lever. Some hand pallet trucks are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that uses a small pump to help lift heavy loads - the so-called quick lift function. To ensure safety at work, the hand pallet truck can be additionally equipped with a hand or foot brake, which prevents unwanted movements of the forklift, accidents and injuries.

In addition to transportation, there is often a need to weigh goods in warehouses and production facilities. Manual pallet trucks with an integrated weighing system enable goods to be moved and weighed with a single device. Weighing palletized goods using a pallet truck scale can be used for controlling the weight of incoming goods, measuring weight for shipping purposes and preventing overloading of trucks.

Manual pallet trucks with a scissor lift are a combination of a classic pallet truck and a lifting table, with which you can quickly and easily transport a wide variety of goods and lift them to an ergonomic working height. Versions with manual and electric hydraulic systems are available. They can be used for transport, as a lift table, workbench or workstation for applications such as picking small parts or goods in the food industry or retail.

Specially designed for occasional unloading or loading of delivery vehicles, occasional storage tasks and short-distance transport, high-lift hand pallet trucks with manual, foot or electric lifting are available with different mast types and sizes.

In our online store we offer a selection of pallet trucks of our own brands - premium Jungheinrich, recognizable by their characteristic yellow color and affordable Ameise® in turquoise color and entry-level BASIC models in red.

For your convenience we have prepared a short guide for buying a hand pallet truck, but if you need additional information, assistance, advice, have not found the product you want, or would like to discuss your specific needs, please call us at +386 (0)1 561 04 85. You can also contact us by e-mail: info@jungheinrich-shop.si or via online contact form.