Brands of Hand Pallet Trucks

Brands of Hand Pallet Trucks

In our online store we offer a wide range of hand pallet trucks. You can choose from low-priced entry-level models to pallet trucks in robust quality and premium design. Below you will find an overview of our various brands.

BASIC-Range: Low-cost entry-level models

The hand pallet trucks from our BASIC range offer an outstanding price/performance ratio. These pallet jacks are ideal for occasional transport tasks on short distances and, despite their low price, are reliable and durable. 

Ameise®-Range: Robust quality pallet truck

The Ameise® hand pallet trucks are robust and reliable mid-level models. These industrial trucks are just as suitable for occasional transport tasks in the retail trade as for demanding continuous use in industrial companies.

Ameise® hand pallet trucks are synonymous with reliability and robustness. Ameise® is a long standing Jungheinrich brand, committed to innovative concepts and ideas, which has established itself for more than 60 years as a distinctive and likeable trademark. 

Jungheinrich®-Range: Premium pallet trucks

The hand pallet trucks from Jungheinrich, painted in characteristic yellow, are premium manual pallet trucks characterised by durability and ergonomics. These machines are manufactured in excellent quality. This means that these hand pallet trucks make driving and everyday use a pleasure and work easier. It is not only the patented drawbar handle with the functions lift-drag-lower for left- and right-handers that makes handling Jungheinrich® trucks as convenient as possible.

The integrated quick lift of some pallet trucks also allows you to handle power, time and costs more economically. You only need to pump 3 times until the pallet is floor-free and only pump 5 times until the maximum lifting height is reached.

Work is also made easier for you by the noise-damped design of the Jungheinrich® pallet truck, as you are not disturbed by annoying noises when using the truck.