Buy Pallet Trucks Online

Buy Pallet Trucks Online

Whether you call them a Pallet Truck, Pump Truck, Hand Truck, Pallet Jack, Pallet Pump or whether you need a manual Hand Pallet Truck or an Electric Pallet Truck - Jungheinrich has the right solution for you. The Jungheinrich SHOP Slovenia online store offers a selection of pallet trucks for a variety of applications and uses.

Hand Pallet Trucks

A Hand Pallet truck is the simplest way to move goods on Pallets. When choosing the right Hand Pallet Truck your first and main consideration is to find out how heavy the load you will need to move is as this will dictate what capacity Pallet Truck you need.

Most standard Hand Pallet Trucks can lift / move up to 2000kg (or 2 tonnes) which is often as much as you would want to manually pull around by hand anyway but it is important to check this.

The next step is to select the fork dimensions required. The most frequently purchased configuration is 1150mm (long) x 540mm (width across the forks) but it can depend on what type of Pallet you are moving as to what is best for you. 

Your third main decision is to choose your wheel configuration and material. Steering Wheels are often available in Nylon, Rubber or Polyurethane while the Fork Rollers are usually available in Nylon or Polyurethane and can be selected as Single or Tandem Rollers.

While Polyurethane wheels with Tandem Rollers usually come at a higher price (and are favoured by many due to reduced noise and smooth travel), again, it can depend on your application and usage as to what is right for you.

You may have other options available such as 'quick lift' (also sometimes called 'fast lift' or 'rapid lift' which raises the forks and pallet the first few inches higher off the ground with less pump strokes) but that's really about it in terms of your main decisions when buying a Pallet Truck. 

Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks

A Scissor Lift Pallet Truck can be used as a Hand Pallet Truck, Lift Table and Workbench - making it a versatile addition to you warehouse or workshop.

Generally available as either manual-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic, a manual-hydraulic Scissor Lift Pallet Truck will often include a 'quick lift' feature to aid initial lift with reduced pump strokes whereas an electro-hydraulic Scissor Lift Pallet Truck can lift pallets to your desired height at the touch of a button.

Pallet Trucks With Weigh Scales

Pallet Truck With Weighing Scale allows you to move and weigh your goods with a single device. Weighing palletised goods using a Pallet Truck With Weigh Scales can be useful for incoming goods control, determining shipping weights and avoiding truck overloads.

Jungheinrich Slovenia SHOP has a variety of Pump Trucks With Weigh Scales available to choose from, including manual and electric trucks.

Electric Pallet Trucks

A Powered Pallet Truckis ideal for moving palletised items over medium to long distances on even surfaces, or for reducing the strain on employees using Manual Pallet Trucks regularly throughout the day.

Selecting the right Electric Pallet Truck is very much dependent on the weight of the load you are moving and how frequently and far you are driving the truck. Be sure to choose a truck with a load capacity to suit the maximum weight you need to move and, if you are using the truck regularly, you might want to avoid trucks designed purely for lighter usage.

Finally you will need to select the applicable fork dimensions. A fork length of around 1150mm tends to be the most common but depending on the Pallets being transported, or space you have to work in, other configurations may suit you better.

If you do need any more assistance, advice or just want to talk more about your own individual needs then please just pick up the telephone and call us on +386 (01) 561 04 85 - we're here to help.